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Article 119 - Alice Madness Returns Review

The original American McGee Alice was a game of its own, a game that defined shooters for the insane. Well, since we are all insane, let us go insane again, for the new Alice game.

Alice Madness Returns is the sequel to the original game. It takes place years after the ending events from the first game. Again, you befriend the trusted cat, who guides you through the world of Wonderland.

Wipe that smirk off the cat's sly grin.

Meet the new Alice.

This time, Alice is more a mature, fine lovely lady, yet you would not want to mess with her, she is just as frightening and evil as ever. Get in her way and she will make lunch with you.

Alice is so lovely.

Yet, she can be so evil.

The graphics in the game is noticably much better, objects are more defined and crisp. The controls match up with the visuals, no longer will you over jump or miss the ledge.

The gameplay has significantly improved. It is much easier to attack, dodge, and do other sorts of tricks. Alice can twirl in the air, which by the way, is so much fun. She can also dodge by becoming a fluff of butterflies. No longer is weapon ammunition rare. You are given both a melee and a ranged weapon early in the game to use.

The problem with the first game was that you quickly run out of ammunition before you could dispatch the first set of enemies, leaving you with no other choice but to revert back to the painfully slow knife throwing combination.

Get in her way and you will be dinner.

Alice sounds wonderful, the voice actors did an amazing job bringing out the liveliness of the characters. You will definitely want to turn up the volume as the game progresses.

Twirling Alice in the air is so much fun.

If you are in for some wacky fun, why not give the game a twirl.

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