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We offer comprehensive advertisement services.

Our advertisement services incorporate strategies to help your company or business generate revenue through strong promotion to the appropriate end users. We will identify users that closely matches the advertised product or services and will display or promote your business to the user.

Your business is of importance to us. Our service includes the necessary means to help you achieve your success.

For more information, please contact us.

Example Scenario

A user is logged onto our networks at a specific point. He or she searches for 'fast food' along with his or her relative position. You happen to run a local pizza store a few blocks down.

We will promote your pizza business by displaying an advertisement to alert the user about your particular pizza store.

Our strategy is unique, we identify advertisements based on position. We do not wish to display irrelevant advertisements to the user, nor do we want to promote your businss inappropriately. For example, we avoid displaying an advertisement of your pizza store if the user is out of immediate reach.


We charge a per displayed cost and also an additional per clicked cost. For example, if your advertisement is displayed but not clicked, we will charge you some $x amount of dollars.

Advertisement Types

We offer both textual and graphical advertisements, each at different rates. Text advertisements are cheaper in cost but lack attention. Our graphical advertisements are more popular. We allow you to generate an image to be displayed as an ad.

The following are examples of each type of advertisement.

Text: Local Pizza Store


If you feel that our advertisement services fits the need of your business, please contact us.

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