At Vantasy World, your privacy is our concern. We take every measure to protect your personal and confidential data.

To enhance your online experience, we may store information pertaining to you. However, we will never share your personal data with any third party (outside of any Vantasy or its subsidiaries) without your consent. All personal data is stored in our secured systems and we take procedures to protect your information from unauthorized access.

The data that we may collect, but is not limited to, includes name, address, contact information, and other. We may store information that is submitted and or provided by you through any channel of communication. Our storage systems will map an identifier that is unique to your browsing experience, and we may use this to help provide a better experience during your stay.

Although we take every procedure to protect your identity and personal information, due to the nature of a website, security risks are a great concern. We will make every effort to close any security related issues to prevent and subdue unauthorized access.

Further privacy concerns is addressed in our terms and condition section.

If you have any concerns or comments about your privacy or our system, you may want to contact our privacy department.

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